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Crafty Chez

If you really like these wax melt favours,

 then I don't want you to miss out 

The Payment Links are for my Sum Up store 

This is a safe & secure way to pay 

Wax melts in a handmade tulip box 

small tulip box with a square of a wax melt (from Avon) 

you will receive a mixture of fragrances 

sold in a set of 6

Fragrances may differ slightly from picture 

(each wax melt square is wrapped in cling film to keep the fragrance) 

I would suggest you order these as soon as possible (I don't yet know if they are available from next month)  as they are from Avon & I'm not sure if they will have them for the summer period  

(I have a few in stock myself but I may not have enough, but I can put an order in this month for you) 

You can order them below from me in boxes or if you want to do them yourself then click the link at the bottom of the page to take you to my Online Avon Store 

I'm an Avon Rep 

The wax melts from Avon come in a 

pack of 6 squares 

if you wanted to order them yourself as a favours as they are, or for you to make them up yourself 

here's the link to my Avon Store