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Pamper Hamper For the NHS 

I have decided make some Pamper Hampers for doctors/ nurses that work in the NHS 

We all know how difficult life is at the moment & the doctors & nurses on the front line are putting their own lives on the line to look after the very sick.  so I thought why not give something back & give them a little gift to maybe help them wind down when they go home. 

So I'm creating Pamper Hampers & you can help by donating an item/items. Anything from Shower gels, bath bombs, candles, facemasks ( pamper facemask)  candles & more 

Please donate what you like & whatever your budget allows (Items between £1 - £7) 

Please note: these are only for a NHS Pamper hamper, if you want any of these items yourself, go to my home page there is a link to my Avon online store. 

Aromatherapy Beauty Sleep Face Mask 

Aromatherapy Overnight Facemask

Aromatherapy Beauty Sleep Pillow Mist 

Aromatherapy Pillow Mist

Aromatherapy Beauty Sleep Hand cream

Aromatherapy Hand Cream

Aromatherapy Beauty Sleep Body Butter 

Aromatherapy Body Butter

Bath Bombs 

Each box has 3 bath bombs 

bath bombs will vary 

Avon Bath Bombs

Ladies Shower Gels 

Shower Gel  will vary 

Ladies Senses Shower Gels

Mens Shower Gels 

Shower Gels will vary 

Men's Senses Shower Gel

Heavenly Hydration Face Mask 

Heavenly Hydration Facemask

Care Men Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash 

Care Men Shampoo, conditioner

Care Men Shave Gel 

Care Men Shave Gel

Care Men Aftershave Balm & Moisturiser

Care Men Shave Balm