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Crafty Chez

Handmade Cards & Gifts 

Variety of Handmade Cards & gifts from cute, to more traditional

Free Postage - Uk Delivery Only 

Made to order

4 Christmas Side Scene Cards

Set of 10 Handmade 6 x 4 cards 

All Pollyanna Pickering animal designs in winter/ christmas scenes 

Only 1 available 

set of 10 Pollyanna Pickering Christmas Cards

Handmade 3d effect card with christmas penguin 

Penguin Side Scene Card

Handmade 3d effect card with 

christmas Polar Bear Family   

Polar Bear Family Side Scene Card

Handmade card with 3D Nativity Scene

Nativity Side Scene Card

A 3d effect card with santa adding a scarf to the snowman, a fun & unusual card  

Santa side scene card

A 3d Art Deco Christmas Scene in a bar, 

 the time of year to celebrate 

Art Deco 3 people Side Scene Card

A 3d Art deco Christmas scene with lady holding a bauble to finish decorating the tree 

Art Deco Lady & Tree Christmas Side Scene Card

Keep the children occupied, they can colour their own pictures & their own christmas cards 

Children's Colouring in Sheets & Cards
children's colouring cards

Bracelet from Avon, in a hand decorated Art Deco Gift Box, with tissue paper inside the box.   (Only 3 available)  

Bracelet in a Art Deco Box

Box of 3 Summer Garden Bath Bombs & a Moroccan Bath & Shower Oil, all in a handmade gift box with a comical picture of the front 

(Only 1 Available)  

Bath Bombs & Bath/ Shower Oil in Handmade Gift box