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Cotton Bags For Life 

 Do your bit & help the environment

We need to think about looking after the environment & reduce our Plastic waste 

Plastic doesn’t break down like other organic waste but turns into microplastics which is then easily mistaken by fish and invertebrates as plankton

Plastic waste kills up to one million seabirds, 100,000 sea mammals, marine turtles and countless fish each year

So with this in mind say NO to plastic bags & Yes to Bags for Life 

All Made to order & delivered within the United Kingdom

(please allow up to 10 days before delivery)

Variety of designs including Wildlife & Art Deco

All designs on a cream bag unless stated otherwise

Approx Bag Size approx H 42cm W 37cm

Approx Long Handles 65cm (can be used over the shoulder)

Keep in your car, bag for those unexpected buys